My name is Josh de Lange and a long time ago I dropped out of high school to start studying Industrial Product design. The reason I did this was that I knew I wanted to do more creative things in my life. This took shape in the form of industrial product design, which I went on to study for the next four years. During these years I came to the conclusion that although this wasn't the exact thing I wanted to do for the rest of my life, I was on the right path by wanting to do something creative in life. It was also during these years that discovered two major loves of mine, these being travel and capturing the world through film and photos. As time went on I realized that I could combine these two things into a profession and keep doing this for the rest of my life. So during my final year I was dreaming about traveling the world while making the most amazing video's. Then dreaming turned to planning, planning became preparing and a month after I graduated the moment was there. I packed my new backpack and with my plane ticket and passport in hand I set off to China. During the following months I had the most amazing time of my life. As it turned out, I happened to be an amazing traveler! On the contrary I found out that although I loved creating content during this trip I found out that I was not yet as good at it as I had hoped. So now I am back! Ready to learn new skill's, skills that will help me create entertaining content to tell story's that people will like and hopefully one day love.

All of this to get me one step closer to achieve my dream of becoming a world traveling Story teller.