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As the scale model is put together it is shown that te concept of the barbecue works. The next step will be making it out of sheet metal, and actually testing it. However due to a production delay this wont be featured on the blog that I hand in. But when its finished images of it will be posted.

image-2016-04-24 (1)
image-2016-04-24 (2)
image-2016-04-24 (3)

Creating A Scale Model

I have created a plastic 1/3 scale model of my barbecue to give a clear picture of how my barbecue would look in real life situations.

First of all I cut all the pieces required to assemble this scale model. After that I used a technique called hot wire bending to fold all pieces of plastic into the right shape. It was very important that the dimensions were not changed while bending. After this I took all the pieces and screwed them together us I then used this model to make changes on my initial design.


In the photo all the cut-out parts are shown that will when put together form the barbecue.

image-2016-04-22 (2)

DFA analysis

DFA stands for Design For Assembly.

With this analysis I analysed I calculated the time that is required to assemble my Barbecue.

The total time it takes to assemble my barbecue is:
310,2 seconds (5,17 minutes)

After making this analysis I found out that the assembly time could be improved if I would chose to solder the hinge for coal tray onto the tray and onto the barbecue instead of screwing it on.

Production Preparation

Instead of just starting to produce my barbecue I decided to plan it out first. So I can go purposely to work instead of just messing around.


Construction Drawings







Cut-out Barbecue

The final cutout roughly measures 600mm x 1350mm.


Heat analysis

Heat being an important part of a barbecue I also tried made a heat analysis. Because the computer I used to calculate the analysis wasn’t powerful enough to process it I could not test my entire model. Resulting in an unreliable analysis. But to show I am capable to do it I had it checked by my mentor Otto Donkers and we both agreed that it was done correctly.


Version 2.2

With this version I replaced the skewer holders as discussed before. This was done by creating a separate U profile, by doing this the weight of the skewers doesn’t rest on the sides of the BBQ preventing potential bending. Also i now created the holes in the back of the barbecue were te skewers will be placed into. For the holes i chose for an cross shape, so that the meat can be turned a quarter at a time.

With the previous version there was also a problem that the walls would intersect when folding the barbecue inwards. This is now fixed with the new version. The only thing that is now left to be added is a handle. and something to hold the axis in the corners into place.


Conversation Report


Together with my mentor Jan-Willem I looked at the new barbecue. And the changes that have been made to it.  Together we decided to scale the barbecue down to a height of 500mm by doing so material can be saved and by doing so the barbecue will cost less.

Even tough the barbecue decreased 300mm in size it will still be fully functional.

We also looked at the bars that hold the skewers into place. Because the sheet metal is only 1mm thick it might not be strong enough, causing the bars to bend or tear. The next step is to solve this problem in a way that can be done with the machines provided by my school: Summa College.


Second Version

With the second version of the barbecue I started all over. This time I drew it with 4 separate sheets because the walls are no longer connected directly to each other. Also the cross section on the bottom is gone and will be replaced wit one larger sheet connected to one out of 4 walls. By doing this only 1 hinge is required on the bottom this will save money and time wile assembling the barbecue.

Grill Suspension

I drew a variety of solutions for the grill suspension that can be used with the barbecue.

image-2016-04-06 (6)

Quick Test

To test how the corners should be and how the barbecue would fold inwards I made a small test model. From looking at my product from a 3D perspective I gained a better understanding of how the hinges should be placed.

image-2016-04-06 (1)
image-2016-04-06 (2)

Conversation Report


Last week my mentor Jan-Willem told me that I should look at different options for hinges. Presenting him a wide verity of hinge options available we decided to go with an standard hinge to cut the costs and time to make one myself.
However, to make the corners look better and make the barbecue stronger as it is right now I shall redesign the walls of the barbecue, improving the overall design.

Hinge Research

For the corners of my barbecue I planned to use hinges however with a wide verity of hinges available on the market it can be hard to chose the correct one. For this I went to the Multimate and searched the internet. Here I took inspiration of existing barbecues and hinges.


Conversation Report


Together with my mentor Jan-Willem I looked at the design of my barbecue. The Design and Idea behind it was approved, however he advised me to do some research on different options to make the corners hinge.

BBQ versie 1

3D Cad drawing of the barbecue

This is the firs 3D model of the chosen BBQ concept. Of course this is not the final product but it should give a better view of what it is going to look like. Also with this model I defined the size of the product.
The base measures 400mm by 600mm and the height is 800mm

(Measurements might change.)

The idea

The idea behind the barbecue is that there are 2 layers to place skewers upon. Besides these 2 layers there is a grill on the bottom that can be used to grill burgers on. The Grill is part of the barbecue and pushed down to rest on the other side that is also part of the grill.

Next plan

The next Idea I have for the barbecue is to make it more portable I want to achieve this by making all the corners hinge. By dividing the bottom of the barbecue in a cross section (like the sketch) and connecting them to the four walls of the barbecue with hinges the barbecue can be pushed flat. By doing this and placing a handle on one of the corners, the barbecue can get picked up as a case.

3D Cad drawing of the barbecue

The product can be made from a single slab of 1mm sheet metal. Size: (1991 x 1196)

 The sheet metal can be cut by using a water jet cutting machine.

BBQ uitslag 1


 The final concept is based upon the Brazilian barbecue concept.
The main difference between normal barbecuing is that with Brazilian barbecue all the meat is put upon a skewer. instead of just a grill. However because I want my barbecue also to function for types of meat that cannot be put upon a skewer I also want to include a barbecue grill within my concept. This way the barbecue is also suitable for the mainstream of people.

image-2016-03-30 (6)

image-2016-03-30 (1)


image-2016-03-30 (4)

image-2016-03-30 (3)

image-2016-03-30 (5)

image-2016-03-30 (2)

“How pretty a sketch looks isn’t important. It’s all about communicating ideas to those around you.”

– Dan, Dyson Design Engineer

Morphological Analysis

With this Morphological analysis I search for multiple solutions to every separate problem or function.


Function Tree

Function tree of the barbecue.


Image Panel

The image panel below shows a verity of barbecues that are available on the market. These images serve as inspiration and to show what is already available.


Every project starts with a strategy. This strategy is to set the goals for my project and to make sure I don’t forget them. It also describes te quality of the project and files and products that come with it.

The Strategy is written in Dutch, the reason for this is that it is
a schoolproject which has to be written in Dutch.

Click here to open the file.

image-2016-03-07 (1)


Every project starts with a strategy. This strategy is to set the goals for my project and to make sure I don’t forget them. It also describes te quality of the project and files and products that come with it.

The Strategy is written in Dutch, the reason for this is that it is
a schoolproject which has to be written in Dutch.

Click here to open the file.

BBQ Project

With the summer coming our way its time to invite some friends over and fire up the BBQ. Barbecuing is awesome by it self, but doing it on a barbecue that I designed and crafted myself is even better. That’s why my next project will be:
Design a barbecue.

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