Future Vision

What could my project become in the future?
My project could still be improved when taken into mass production. Giving it a redesign and thinking over all its aspects and functions, I came up with the design below. Even though this is currently realistic design since its been made with expansive production techniques, it is something that it could become with the help of a financial backer or multiple backers.



Finally after all this time my project has hit the finish line. My prototype is finished and so is my project. The original product wont be exactly the same as the prototype but it is still a good representation of how its going to look like. The biggest differences are that the way it’s set up. (The real product will use the telescopic handle from a trolley) And the height wont be as high when its closed down. (making it more portable)
And lastly; because it will be made by professionals it will look a little better.

image-2017-06-07 (1)
image-2017-06-07 (3)
image-2017-06-07 (2)
image-2017-06-07 (5)

Cost Calculation

In order to decide the price for my music stand, I made a Cost Calculation. This calculation includes everything such as materials, man hours and machine costs. The information about the prices and cost’s that are used in this document were provided by an expert. (Otto Donkers)
This document is linked below. (Dutch)

Cost calculation

Building a prototype

Since my prototype was going to be built at home I didn’t have acces to the machines that are required to make everything out of aluminium. But because this is going to be a prototype, using different materials shouldn’t be a problem.


Work Preparation

To make a step by step preparation for the production of my prototype I used the sheet format provided by my school. This document can be opened as a .pdf format with the link below. (Dutch)

Work Preparation

Buying Materials

Now that I decided how I am going to create my prototype I went to the store and bought the required materials. When I was at the store I found out that I couldn’t buy blind river nut’s there. For that reason I changed this part of the production to glue the nuts on.


Prototype Production Technique

In the previous post I explained how I was going to create my music stand if it went into mass production. But because I don’t have all the required machinery at my disposal I created a new one for my prototype. This prototype will be produced at home during the weekends and in the evening.

The link below goes to a document about the materials and production methods I am going to use for my prototype. (Dutch)

Production Method Prototype

Production Technique

The next step for my project is figuring out how I am going to produce my product when its in mass production. I did this by doing research and asking for the expertise of an expert to make the decision. In the link below I linked a document with all the decisions that were made and how my music stand is going to be produced. (Dutch)

Production technique

image-2017-05-24 (1)

Choosing Materials

The next step of this project would be choosing what materials to use. To make sure I was going to make the right decision I went to see an expert. He advised me to make the entire product out of aluminium.
In the link below is a document that goes more into detail. (Dutch)

Materiaalkeuze josh

Creating a 3D model

 The next step will be converting my idea’s to CAD files.  The drawing I made below is based upon how I am going to create the inner workings of the prototype. The Bag will then be modeled around this.


Viewing angle

The next step will be figuring out how to create the hinge for the sheet music tabel. It needs to be set in multiple positions like shown in the .gif.


Process tree

In order to find out what the music stand goes through during its lifetime I wrote a process tree. It starts when its produced and ends with some things it endures when it ends in the consumer hands.
Click on the link below to read the entire document.

Process tree Music stand


Due to some private reasons (that will not be shared on this blog) I couldn’t work on my graduation project anymore. Besides that I only have one day a weak that I can really work on my project. The reason behind this is, that during the other 4 days I am taking my internship at Vencomatic.  Based on this I made a new schedule for my graduation project. The toaster is no longer included into this schedule because it is finished.

Click on the link below to see the PDF version of this file. (Dutch)

Planning 2 projecten.4

planning 4

Coming alive


To give myself an idea of how big the bag was actually going to be I made the simple shape out of cardboard. This shocked me a bit as the middle part was very large! Later on I realized that I made a mistake with this: The middle section was to large. (500 mm instead of 300 mm) So that makes it a lot better. Now the size of my bag is about the size of a suitcase. By putting wheels under it people could also transport it that way.

Size Matters

In order to find out how big the bag is going to be I drew up some measurements. For the with and depth of the bag I measured a larger file that holds pages of sheet music. Tis was done make sure that the sheet music would fit into the bag. The height was based upon the bar height. The next step will be making a quick model to show the size in real life.

bak afmeting
frame tekenening

Another shot

Then I got the Idea to place the stand in the middle of the bag. The bag would also open through the middle, this would solve a lot of problems I had with the previous idea: The weight would be centered in te middle preventing the bag from falling over. There would no longer be the need for hinges. Since it would stay in the middle.

The last problem I would solve with this concept is moving the sheet music table up and down. I would solve this by creating 2 separate bar roads. One for the sheet music table and one for the handlebar.
(this is drawn in the picture)


Now that I’ve found a system that I could implement into my concept, the next step is to find out how to make it work. The first Idea was to create a hinge at the bottom of the bag. By having this hinge the bars could be set up in 2 ways, either for using it as a trolley or for using it as a music stand. The first problem wit this was how I should get it to stay upwards. The first Idea I had was doing this by having a slider next to it that could be slided in to hold the bars into position. But then I found out that there would need to be giant holes for the bars to go through when switching positions. Then I thought of the table where the sheet music would rest on, That would have to be outside of the bag all the time, or it had to slide upwards. Together with the last problem:” Weight distribution” I decided that it was time for another version.

frame eerste idee

Reversed Engineering

I wanted to implement the bars from a trolley bag into my concept. In order to find out how that that system works I had to find a way to study it. The best way to this is to use reversed engineering. What this means is that I was going to take apart a trolley bag and look how it all comes together.
The bottom bars are screwed into the bottom of the bag with a plastic holder. Then 2  smaller bars are pushed into the larger bars. These smaller bars can be slided up and down and can be hold into position with a metal button. Through these bars runs a metal rod, that needs to be inserted into the handlebar grip. The reason behind this is that there is a button on the handlebar grip that pushes the bar down, and by doing so pushes down the buttons. and the bars can be pushed into the bag.

Using these type of bars with my music stand would not only make it very stable to set up, but incredibly quick as well.


The Second Idea

The second idea came to me when looking up different types of bags online. Then I saw the trolley bags, the bars from the pull out handles seemed ideal to me as they could be used as the extended leg of hte music stand.

The First Idea

My first was to somehow include the back of the music stand (on wich the sheet music rests) in the cover lid. Then I would include some sticks in the bag which could be used to set it up. But then I realized that it would still take a lot of time to set it up. Besides that the pole seemed very unstable to me. So its time for a second version.


Concept Choice

In the end I’ve decided to continue with the Bag concept, the reason behind this is that I personally get the most exited about this idea and that it strikes me as the most innovative of all the concepts. Because instead of carrying the music stand and the sheet music in a bag, the bag becomes the music stand and can also hold the sheet music. Besides that It could offer a lot of extra features such as built in speakers for an electronic instrument.

Store Options

To check one last time for other options for my product, I took a look at phone holders.
Below I listed 4 different solutions for holding a phone or tablet. The solutions ether work by clamping the devise or clicking the device onto something. The last option sounded really interesting to me, especially the magnet. I will definitely take another look at that.


Conversation Report

Today I sat down with my mentor Jan-Willem to discuss the new planning and my concept sketches.

Today I showed my mentor my new planning, this planning included a longer timeline. The reason behind this was that I had gotten behind on schedule and that I needed extra time. To solve this I created a new realistic planning which I think is doable. Because this planning overlaps with my internship It could be that my internship starts later or that I go to school one day of the week to work on my school projects. This is to be discussed with Vencomatic. (the company at which I am going to take my internship.)


I showed my mentor multiple concepts that I had created, He told me that he liked most of them and that I should decide for myself which one I am going with.



With this schedule I planned my graduation project as well as my toaster project. The reason behind this is that I am working on these projects simultaneously. Click on the link below to see the PDF version of this file. (Dutch)

Planning 2 projecten.3

planning 2 projecten3

Conversation Report

Yesterday I had a conversation with my mentor in which I explained to him that I don’t think I can finish my project(‘s) on time. Because I have an internship planned for the next and last two periods of this year, I asked him what I should do. For him to decide what the next step should be he told me to fill in the evaluation paper, giving a clear overview of my current progress.

So that’s what I did. In the link below I attached a PDF file of the evaluation paper, filled in by me.

Evaluation Paper



Pull appart

A new way to open or close the music stand is by pulling the top and bottom part apart. the first way that came to mind was using a folding hinge. This makes it very easy to clamp in a tablet or e-reader as well.

Twist to open

Another way to open or close it is by twisting it. The advantage with this is that the idea is very straight forward to open or close it. The only dis advantage is that it could be harder to set the exact required height.


Angle Setting

Setting the angle is one of the struggles of the current music stand. The reason behind this is that most of the time when heavier music books or more sheets of music are rested on it, its bends down. This results in all the sheet music falling on the ground or that the angle changes.

Hand Fan Concept

Thinking about new ways to easily open the music stand I came up with the Idea of a hand fan shaped concept. It opens the same way as a hand fan would do.


Bag Concept

With this concept the idea is to include the music stand into a bag. The bag will act as a weight at the bottom of the stand, to move the center gravity closer to the ground. This should eliminate the problem of the music stand falling over.


I used a simple brainstorm to start thinking of new idea’s to create. After brainstorming I started searching the web if such products already existed. Sadly most of them did, this was quite a set back since I wanted to create a completely new product. Because an entirely new product might nog be possible I shall try to improve and combine existing products and add my own idea’s to it.


How It’s Made

In the video below its explained how a camera tripod is made. Even though its not completely the same as a music stand, it explains how the legs for the music stand could be created.

A Reminder

After working on my toaster project for the past 2 weeks I got a reminder online in the form of a comic. This short comic is about the struggles of a music stand. I find it very funny that’s why I feature it on my blog.

This week I am going to put a bit more time in my graduation project to get back on track.



With this schedule I planned my graduation project as well as my toaster project. The reason behind this is that I am working on these projects simultaneously. Click on the link below to see the PDF version of this file. (Dutch)



Conversation Report

Today I showed the results of my survey from earlier on to Jan-Willem, asking him about his opinion if it needed some improvements. He told me that I could improve my conclusion by placing references to earlier questions in the survey. He also advised me to explain the results as how the people experience them instead of stating them as facts.


Interview KEYMUSIC

I interviewed a salesman at KEYMUSIC Eindhoven. He told me about about the music stands that they sell and about his preferences. He also told me what he thinks the perfect music stand looks like. I posted a link to the interview below.

Interview KEYMUSIC


Conversation Report

Today I discussed the progress of my project with Edwin again. I told him that I was planning to got to KEYMUSIC on Friday and that I wrote down some questions for my interview. Also I showed him how I started thinking on the wall and explained what my idea’s behind it were. He really liked the idea and told me that it in a way also invites other people to think along whit you, resulting in constant feedback and brainstorming from everyone that sees it.



Thinking On The Wall

A while back saw a fellow product designer pin all his toughs onto a wall. When I asked him to explain to me why he uses the method he told me: That in order to give his ideas a place and make sure that he doesn’t forget them, he sticks them onto a wall. Because of the fact that you walk by the wall everyday and see everything that is on it you constantly get reminded what u are working on. Because I like this Idea I’m going to give it a shot, but in my own way.

The music stand can be split up in many separate parts. For all these parts there are currently multiple options on the market, to display these options I stick them on the wall. By doing this it will be easy to select all the best parts and combine them into the perfect music stand. I’m also going to look at available extra’s such as cup holders. When I selected all the best parts and analysed what makes them so good and what their flaws are I can work on the next step; improving the flaws and making sure that it comply’s to all the demands. On the right my wall is displayed in the current state, its nothing fancy but it works. If this method works for me and I notice the benefits I will use it more often in the future and improve its quality.

Below I posted a link to the product designers website where I got my inspiration from.


Function Tree

To write down all the functions and part functions of the Music stand I created a function tree.


Interview Questions

Later this week I want to interview a music stand reseller. I will be doing this to get a better viewing angle of their perspective on what makes a good music stand. I prepared a list of questions that will help me to get the information I’m looking for.

Interview Questions


Just like music there is a very wide verity of musicians. Because of this it is not possible to create one persona. But because of the fact that my product is not linked to a specific persona or group of musicians, it should also try to appeal to all musicians. This could be achieved by meeting most of the demands and wishes of the survey as well as a nice design.


Conversation Report

Today I discussed the progress of my project with Edwin. This was done today because he was unavailable last Thursday.
I showed him the results of my survey and told him about my conclusions. After that I showed him my list of demands and wishes for the music stand based upon the survey.
Lastly he gave me the advise to go to the music store; KEYMUSIC in Eindhoven. This is because he always buys his music gear there and I could ask some questions to the professionals that work there.



Demands & Wishes

Based upon my survey I made a list of demands & wishes for my project. Please keep in mind that this is the first version and that based upon further research more demands might be added and current ones might be redefined.

Demands & Wishes


Results Survey

There is still much room for improvement with the music stand. The average score given to music stands was very low with the only exception being the brand Konig & Meyer who raised the score up to a average of 6,5. The reason behind this is that the build quality is very bad and that there are a lot of wanted features missing. There is also a large group that requests a tablet/ smartphone holder to display sheet music. This is something I will include with this project. Another problem that often occurs is that sheet music gets blown away. Lastly there are a lot of extra’s that people want to meet their personal preferences.

Results PDF


Please help my project by filling in this survey.


Survey PDF


Conversation Report

I had Otto Donkers check my survey to make sure I asked all the correct questions and that I didn’t miss anything. He showed me some questions that could be improved and remarked that I missed an important question. With this feedback applied to my survey it is ready to go online.



The table book stand

The book stand also deserves a mention as it could also be used as a music stand. Most book stands are made to be placed upon a tabletop, there they often display holy books like the bible or cookbooks. These table stands are available in a wide range of beautiful designs.

+One for everyone’s taste
-Needs to be placed upon a surface

The tablet holder

Model specific/ Universal

Recently the tablet made its debut into the word of sheet music. Since tablets and phones are getting thinner and lighter using them to display sheet music on becomes more popular. It comes with the same advantages like the digital music stand but much easier to transport. But it also has some disadvantages such as; the tablet can not be placed upon normal music stands as it is too easy for them fall off of and break when they hit the ground.

There are also a few tablet music stands but none of these support all the tablets and smartphones. These stands are also not suitable for printed sheet music.

+Stores enormous amounts of sheet music
+Many (free) software extra’s like a metronome
+saves space from thick folders

-Not suitable for printed sheet music
-Requires a tablet or smartphone
-Tablet needs to be charged
-Not as wide range of options as normal music stands.
-Harder to read in sunlight


The digital music stand

Digital music stands use a computer screen to display the music. The pages can be turned by pressing an electronic footpedal, enabling the musician to keep on playing without having to use their hands to flip the page.

+Stores enormous amounts of sheet music
+easy to flip pages
+It’s easier to see what part needs to be played.
+built in extras like tuners and metronome

-Hard to transport
-Requires electricity

The marching music stand

Marching bands or some brass band members use a small sheet holder called a lyre or a clip, which can be attached to an instrument. The clip holds a smaller-sized music sheet for the performer, so the music can be read while marching.

+Sheet music doesn’t fall of the stand
+No need for different angles

-Not suitable for full sized sheet music
-Not accepted in orchestras


Orchestra music stand


Orchestras usually give their players heavy meal music stands. This is because the light, fold-up ones are easily knocked over. Also it is not possible to write on the sheet music while its sitting on a light fold-up music stand. Because the orchestra stands are more stable it is possible to write notes onto the sheets. The music stand is also used by the conductor because it can be angled much flatter than normal music stands, because the conductor reads from a large full-score, which contains the parts for all the instruments.

+easy to setup
+Suitable for conductors

-Harder to transport

Light weight music stand

The music stand is used by musicians to place their sheet music onto when performing. It is adjustable in height and angle so it can be used for tall and short musicians, while standing up as well as sitting down on a chair. Because it is very light weight it easily knocks over, making it not suitable for heavy folders or crowded setups like orchestras. As it could interrupt a performance or even, if it strikes an instrument, damage the finish of an instrument.

-Hard to setup
-Easily knocked over
-Not suitable for heavy folders


Source: Wikipedia music stand Go to source

Mind Map

“The mind map will change your life”

-Tony Buzan


Project Strategy.

Click here to view this project’s strategy


Conversation Report

This time I discussed with my mentor Edwin the fact that I forgot to make a conversation report for last week and I showed him the planning. Also I discussed the fact that I currently have problems with my website causing my pages not to show. For next week I will have my Strategy and Survey online.



With this schedule I planned my graduation project as well as my toaster project. The reason behind this is that I am working on these projects simultaneously. Click on the link below to see the PDF version of this file. (Dutch)



What To Do

A fellow student (Bart K.) summarized all the steps that have to be taken in order to successfully complete this project. Because I think he did a great Job and that it could be help full sometimes I featured it on my blog to use together with my planning.


Conversation Report

Today I discussed the progress with my mentor (Edwin). I showed him te subject I chose for my blog and the first steps I made with my project. Together we decided that for next week I should make a planning for this project so we can check that I stay on schedule.


music stand 001

The Basic

On the right the basic music stand is shown in a in setup manual. As I explained before it needs to be setup in a specific way, if this isn’t done correctly it will get stuck and need to be done all over again.


Today is the kick-off of my graduation project. Just a week ago we started with the BBQ project and today we received the news its the time to also start with the graduation project.

The first step with this project shall be finding a subject. Because it is my own graduation project I’ll get to choose my own subject. This subject could be something I had been wanting to create for a while or a problem I want to solve with a new or improved product.

image-2016-03-04 (1)

The Beginning

Ambition is the first step to succes. The second step is action