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Conversation report

I showed my mentor Jan-Willem the sketches underneath this text block and asked him which one was the best. However even tough the sketches looked good none of them had a surface with a double curvature. Because of this all the sketches were rejected. Now I had to start over with the following demands in mind:

  • The ear-cup surface of he headphone has to have a double curvature.
  • It must be possible to produce he ear-cup with a vacuum former.
  • It is not allowed for the ear-cup to be a basic shape such as;
    Round, Oval, Squared, Triangular, Rectangular or any other polygon shape.

According to Jan-Willem the headband was not as important as the ear-cup at this point. So with the sketches above I just sketched the ear-cup. Later on I will sketch some headbands to go with the chosen model.

Date: 01-06-16
Location: Het Eeuwsel 2, TU/E terrain.

Office Lens 20160531-120815


Image panel

The reason I created this image panel is to look at some of the top models of the biggest headphone brands currently available on the market. The reason behind this is that these brands are the biggest for a reason; It being audio quality and/ or design.

image-2016-06-06 (1)



This persona represents the target audience for my headphone project.

Name:                        Dylan Bianchi

Age:                            26

Marital status:           Dating

Family:                        A father, a mother and a sister

Level of education:   HBO

Woonplaats:              The Hague

Current Job:               Starting his own business.

Salary:                        Currently living of of his parents money.

Hobby’s                      Fitness, going out with friends, traveling and

eating food..

Click here to read about a Saturday of Dylan.

For this project we could choose between 4 styles on which we had to base our headphones. The styles were:
– Porche
– Vintage
– Anime
– Tron
For this project I chose to go with the theme vintage, because it includes the materials wood and leather. Wood and Leather are both materials that I have little to no experience working with making it an interesting challenge.
Besides the Materials I also see a lot of products with flat surfaces with a slight curve and / or soft corners.





Function Tree

 With this function tree all the functions of a pair of headphones are described.

image-2016-04-25 (2)

Programme of Requirements

  1. The appearance of the headphones must fit into the chosen image panel.
  2. The size of the headphone must suit my head.
  3. The maximum weight of the headphones is 5 kg.
  4. All the core components of a headphone must fit into the headphones. (drivers, etc.)
  5. The materials must be able to sustain a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius.
  6. The product must work with a smartphone and computer.
  7. The maximum production cost is €100,-
  8. The minimum life span of the headphones is 1 year.
  9. The headphones must be able to withstand drops of rainwater.
  10. It must be possible to produce the headphones on the machines of the Summa College.

Headphone project

Most people listen to music daily, they do this while either wearing headphones or listening through speakers. But headphones and speakers are not only used to listen to music. They can show your style and represent who you are.


With this project I will design a new pair of headphones that are inspired by one of the 4 imagepanels that were provided by school.