My first internship took place at the company SKM. During my internship at SKM I worked at all the departments over a period of 10 weeks. 

SKM Rapid Modelling BV transforms innovative ideas into tangible models and small product series.

SKM has been manufacturing high-grade plastic 3D models and small product series since 1997, well before 3D modelling became a trend. Professional craftsmanship directed by your preferences: a concept model, a working model or the production of a small series using vacuum casting.





SKM Rapid Modelling

Vlamovenweg 20
5708 JV Helmond – scroll down for a map!

Tel: 0492-579040
Fax: 0492-579041


During the second year of my study I had an internship that took place at GBO Projects. My tasks were to design new products and to convert designs to production ready CAD drawings. Other tasks I had were creating 3D Renderings and realistic 2D drawings.

GBO PROJECTS is a production company founded in 2008 in extension to the services of GBO DESIGN, which saw the light of day in 1989. GBO PROJECTS takes care of product implementation, tooling, production, assembly, packing, quality control, logistics, warehousing and financing.


GBO Projects
Postbus 838
5700 AV Helmond
The Netherlands
Visiting address
Wethouder den Oudenstraat 6
5706 ST Helmond


During the third year of my study I did the first half of my graduation project. With this project I had to design a new product for Lay3rs while at the same time working as a designer at the company. The project that was assigned to me was  to design 3D printable business gift.

3D Printing will have a huge impact on how we are manufacturing our products today. Lay3rs strongly believes within the next 5 years 3dprinting will become a common tool in our daily lives. By offering quality products, educational programs and services in our showroom in Eindhoven, we make sure you are professional guided by us in purchasing 3dprinters. As we are sure 3dprinting will fascinate the wide audience in the next step of creating, we will make sure you are part of it!




Lay3rs 3dprinting
Grote Berg 60
5611 KL Eindhoven
T: +31 40 8451927
KvK: 60896949


During the second half of my graduation year I took an internship at Vencomatic. My assignment given by Vencomatic was to design a new feeding & sitting combination frame.

The Vencomatic Group is owned by Cor and Han van de Ven from Eersel, the Netherlands. It started over 30 years ago, in 1983, with Cor's breakthrough innovation for breeder housing: the first automatic breeder nest. At that time a revolutionary idea as this was the first automatic nest box in the market.
That first nest still characterizes the Vencomatic Group of today. They look for alternative solutions, developing sustainable and poultry friendly products. Their research and development team exists of technical and poultry specialists with extensive knowledge in their fields of expertise. The team is characterized by its ‘outside the box’ thinking. They develop products to further optimize poultry farms all over the world by leaving the beaten track and come up with break-through products.  Improved efficiency, profitable poultry production and sustainability are the most important goals of their development team.


Vencomatic Group
Venco Campus
Meerheide 200
5521 DW Eersel
The Netherlands
T: +31 497 517380