Night of the Spotlight

Summa College


The night of the spotlight was kicked off with a drum show, performed by the band Circle Percussion, accompanied by all the Summa star students. When the drum show was over the host of the night;
Comedian Rob Scheepers
introduced himself. After his introduction and opening speech he called all the nominated students on stage and started asking them questions. Through these questions and answers he explained to the audience what the Night of the spotlight is all about and what it means to be a Summa Star.


The Finals

When the round of questions was finished all the students left the stage except the 3 Finalists. The finalist were asked to answer some questions and a clip was shown, giving the audience some more background information of the finalists.

After this the Finalist’s had to give an individual pitch explaining why they deserved to be the Summa College Star 2016.


Anja Redkolis

Summa care


Stan van de Kandelaar

Summa Catering


Geert Rijkers

Summa Law